Projects which I made during my journey with design, graphics and photography

Ice Capades Website
Ice Capades Website

Webste created with WordPress

Zzound App Redesign
Zzound App Redesign

Redesign of web app for music shop - Zzound

Lauritz redesign webiste Redesign

Redesign of auction website - style tile

Cool and Cozy webiste
Cool & Cozy

Welcome video for Cool and Cozy's website

Flower bag
Cool & Cozy

Prototype bag for transporting flowers by bike

Vesterbro Copenhagen
Cool & Cozy

Mood pictures of Vesterbro for Cool & Cozy

Flower bag
Copenhagen Architecture Festival

Gif for Program Launch event

Social Media Banner
CAFx Social Media Banner

Banner for Copenhagen Architecture Festival Social Media

T-Shirts for Copenhagen Architecture Festival
CAFx Merchandise T-Shirts

T-Shirts designed for the festival and used as a merchandise for guests and audience

Velkomen til København


Volunteer Logo for New Horizons Film Festival

I designed this logo for volunteers on 16th New Horizons Film Festival

Backpack illustration
Riccos Café

CSR Campaign and Web Design for Riccos Café

Raven drawing
Termoactive Fanta Can

Real Client Task - Our solution to rebrand Fanta

Cyantifically Blog Design MAnual
Cyantifically Blog

Creating a blog, based on php and database, about different aspects of design

Rock'n'Roll Fesitval front page
Rock'n'Roll Festival

Creating a Festival with Rock and Roll Music for seniors

Photo fro Ukulele Calendar
Photography - Ukulele Calendar

Photo sesion for Ukulele Calendar. I created it for my music team

nordjylland photo session

Photo session at Nordjylland beaches

portrait of a girl with the roses
Photography - Portrait

Portrait photo session


how I developed as a Multimedia Designer

typewritter illustration animation

Poke a Mole Mobile App

Descovering App making tools and first App with AppInventor

typewritter illustration animation

Video and Database Project

Video Project about Databases using animation and profesional tools

Lulu's Drawer Final Project

Final project for a real client - Lulu's Drawer - comfortable lingerie shop

about me

Magdalena Alicja Drgas

Hi my name is Magdalena Drgas and I am studying Web Development at Copenhagen Business Academy.

In my free time, I like to watch movies, all of the kind. Oscar-nominated movies with top actors, arthouse cinema with beautiful landscapes and almost no sound or bad movies from the 80’s with the questionable plot. I like to take walks through Copenhagen and admire the architecture of this wonderful city. If I have the time I like to travel and visit new places - it can be a small village in Jutland or warm, Italian cities as long as I can drink my coffee in the morning.

Creativity is allowing yourself to make mistakes Design is knowing which one to keep

Scott Adams